Mortal Kombat II – SG ROM Download – Sega Genesis

Updated 22-06-2024 (3 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Midway Games
Size 2,1M
Require Sega Genesis Emulators
Release Year 1994
Download 315

Mortal Kombat II, released in 1993, is a popular fighting game developed and published by Midway Games. Considered one of the greatest fighting games of all time, Mortal Kombat II helped popularize and define the fighting game genre. The Sega Genesis version, released in 1994, offers a great experience for players, maintaining the spirit of the original version.

Explore the World of Mortal Kombat II

In Mortal Kombat II, players can choose one of 12 characters to participate in dramatic matches. Each character not only has a unique skill set but also has unique moves that reflect their style. The matches take place in a one-on-one format, where the only goal is to defeat your opponent. The game is famous for its “Fatalities” – violent and unique finishing moves that bring excitement and thrill to players.

Sega Genesis Version: Top Graphics, Sound, and Gameplay

Mortal Kombat II on Sega Genesis is considered one of the best ports of the game. The game is highly appreciated for its graphics, sound, and gameplay. The graphics of this version retain the detail and unique art style of Mortal Kombat II. The characters and combat environments are recreated vividly and realistically.

A Thrilling Action Experience

Mortal Kombat II is not only famous for its fighting gameplay but also for its tense atmosphere and fiery matches. The game offers a thrilling and exciting action experience, from choosing a character and participating in matches to performing finishing moves. Each match is a challenge of skill and strategy, requiring players to be ready and focused at all times.

Success and Great Impact

Mortal Kombat II was a huge success both commercially and critically. The Sega Genesis version of the game not only maintains the appeal of the original but also optimizes it for this system. The game has contributed greatly to shaping the fighting game genre and continues to have a profound influence on many later titles.


If you love fighting games, Mortal Kombat II on Sega Genesis is an option not to be missed. The game offers excellent graphics, vivid sound, and top-notch fighting gameplay. With dramatic matches and signature moves, Mortal Kombat II will bring you many wonderful and memorable entertainment hours.

Download Mortal Kombat II – SG ROM Download – Sega Genesis

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