Hogwarts Legacy: Deluxe Edition Switch NSP + UPDATE + DLCs + Language Pack

Updated 01-04-2024 (2 months ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Warner Bros. Games
Size 7G
Require Base=16.1.0 / UPD=17.0.0
Release Year 2023
Download 235

Hogwarts Legacy: Deluxe Edition is a deluxe version of the open-world action role-playing game set in the magical world of Harry Potter, released on the Nintendo Switch platform by Warner Bros. Games. With more unique content than the standard version, the Deluxe version gives players a more perfect experience.

The game’s engaging storyline takes players into the magical world in the 19th century, 100 years before the events of Harry Potter. Players will take on the role of a 5th-year student with a secret that can change the fate of the magical world.

Hogwarts Legacy: Deluxe Edition offers a vast open world, from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade and surrounding areas. Players will be free to explore, learn magic, create medicine, tame animals, and upgrade abilities.

The game’s diverse combat system allows players to use magic, potions, and other items to fight enemies, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets. The Dark Beast Set, 70 Hats, and 72 hours of early access are some of the unique rewards that Deluxe Edition players will enjoy.

With beautiful graphics, an engaging storyline, and lots of unique content, Hogwarts Legacy: Deluxe Edition received many positive reviews from critics and players. This is truly a perfect version for those who are passionate about the magical world of Harry Potter.

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