Crash: Mind Over Mutant – Nintendo Wii ROM – Download

Updated 19-03-2024 (3 months ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Activision
Size 2,2G
Require Wii Emulators
Release Year 2008
Download 236

Crash: Mind Over Mutant is a 3D platform game developed by Vicarious Visions, and published by Activision for the Nintendo Wii in 2008. The game is the tenth installment in the Crash Bandicoot series and is the sequel to Crash of the Titans.

In the game, Crash Bandicoot and his new companion, Crunch Bandicoot, must stop Dr. Neo Cortex and N.Brio from using a mind control device to take over the world. The game introduces several new features, including the ability to dig, climb, and a new combat system.

The game includes 15 levels, each with a unique theme and design. Crash and Crunch can use a variety of skills and abilities to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.

A new feature in Crash: Mind Over Mutant is the ability to dig. Crash can dig underground to find shortcuts or to collect hidden items. Crunch can also dig, but he can destroy large rocks which Crash cannot.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant received positive reviews from critics, who praised the graphics, gameplay, and creativity. The game has sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide.

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