Updated 16-05-2024 (4 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Fellow Traveller
Size 8,3G
Require 1
Release Year 2026
Download 326

1000xRESIST is a unique sci-fi adventure game developed by Flying V Group and published by Fellow Traveler in 2024 on the Nintendo Switch platform. The game has received three IGF award nominations, promising to bring an exciting and thrilling role-playing experience.

Explore the thrilling story of the distant future 1000 years later, where humanity is almost wiped out by an alien-caused disease. Embark on a challenging journey as the Observer, explore the mysterious underworld, and decode dark secrets. Your choices will affect the story’s progress and the character’s fate, creating intrigue and many different endings.

Enjoy the beautiful and impressive pixel art style that brings a unique and nostalgic feel to the game. Attractive background music helps add a mysterious and attractive atmosphere to the game.

1000xRESIST is a great sci-fi adventure game for those who love thrilling stories, mysteries, and challenging gameplay. With unique pixel art graphics, captivating music, and an engaging storyline, 1000xRESIST promises to bring hours of exciting entertainment and unforgettable role-playing experiences.

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