007: Quantum of Solace ROM ISO – XBOX 360 Game

Updated 29-01-2024 (4 months ago)
Region World
Publisher Activision
Size 6,3G
Require XBOX 360 Emulators
Release Year 2008
Download 245

007: Quantum of Solace is an action-adventure game developed by Treyarch, and published by Activision for Xbox 360 in 2008. The game is a sequel to GoldenEye 007 (2004) based on the same film name in 2008.

In 007: Quantum of Solace, the player controls James Bond in pursuit of Dominic Greene, a tycoon plotting to usurp Bolivia’s water resources. The game combines first- and third-person action elements, allowing players to use Bond’s stealth, precision shooting, and close-quarters combat skills to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.

The game has gameplay that combines first-person shooting and third-person close-range combat. The player can use various weapons, including pistols, rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers. They can also use other items such as grenades and mines to destroy enemies.

007: Quantum of Solace received positive critical reception for its graphics, gameplay, and sound. It has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide.

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